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I didn't dream of becoming a realtor! From a young age, I was very competitive. I played about every sport imaginable. I dreamed of playing basketball, not selling houses.

During my senior year in college, I bombed a sales job interview. The job was for the school newspaper. A short time after college, I landed my first job. It was in sales, working for the Chicago Tribune. My small college newspaper didn't hire me, but one of the most read papers in the country did.

My journey into real estate started in the newspaper business. My clients were real estate agents. I got to know their different personalities. I learned this vital truth: who you work with matters.

The industry had my attention. I wanted the satisfaction of helping home buyers and home sellers reach their goals.

It wasn't a smooth transition for me by any means. Newspapers became a medium of the past! I knew at that point I wanted to become a realtor, so I took a class to get my license.

If you've ever been to the Midwest, you know winters can be brutal. Why would I want to sell real estate in such cold weather? The answer was... I didn't!

I moved to sunny California and started my journey fresh!

I worked a sales job while I got my license and started to learn the lay of the land. I fell in love with the landscape and architecture of Southern California.

I'd left everything back in Chicago, so at this point, everything was new and exciting. I landed in Hollywood and began sitting in open houses to meet potential buyers.

I didn't have a vast network at the time, but I've always enjoyed meeting new people.

A few years into my real estate career, I met my wife. We moved to the Valley to live with her two kids. My step-kids.

While Southern California has a laid-back vibe, it doesn't mean people aren't busy! I noticed my clients were all working professionals. All required a home that fits their lifestyle.

Buying and selling isn't a snap-of-the-fingers process. It takes time. What I began to see is that my clients didn't always have the time. I drew from my past experiences in sports and the newspaper business. So I created the My Next Home Method to help you create a game plan.

Like I mentioned earlier, I love meeting new people! If you think we would work well together, let's connect! It could be over a round of golf or a casual coffee. I'll work to make your experience remain positive. Your needs are my priority. The truth that I learned in my newspaper days is that who you work with matters, lives on.

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jaytremaine BEFORE YOU SWIPE...Comment your guesses below! Based on a recent survey from Frontdoor, these are the most desirable home features -room by room- in 2024 Kitchen: Granite or quartz countertops, recessed lighting, walk in pantry, and a double oven for easy meal preparation. Living Room: Hardwood, large windows, and an open floor plan for seamless living. Primary Bathroom: A soaking tub, walk-in shower, double sink vanity and a walk-in closet. Eco-Friendly Features: Smart lighting & thermostat, EV charging, solar panels, and a tankless water heater. Throughout: Natural light, en suite bathrooms, and storage, storage, storage. Know someone who's thinking about selling their home soon? Share this post with them! . . . . . #mynexthome #thevalley #sfv #porterranch #granadahills #northhills
jaytremaine If I could, I’d be passing along these insights to the younger version of myself – the things I definitely didn’t know before I purchased my first home. Sharing now because if one person benefits from seeing this, it’s worth it! Plan for maintenance expenses. Even if buying new construction. Back in the day, I didn’t anticipate any maintenance costs. I thought buying a new construction house would somewhat prevent this. It helps but there were still expenses. It’s critical to set aside a portion of money for this. A good rule of thumb is 1%-3% of the value of the home per year. Consider moving a fixed amount each month into a high-yield savings account so you’re prepared for surprises down the road. Homeownership will provide stability for you & your loved ones. I saw this with my stepkids, Vicky and Matthew. I can tell they feel comfortable and at home. There’s something special about having a place that’s solely yours, not someone else’s. The sense of security and comfort that comes with homeownership is a feeling you can’t put a price on! Predictable monthly costs will provide peace of mind Rent prices used to keep me up at night, wondering when the next increase would hit. With my own home, I gained peace of mind knowing that my monthly expenses were stable and wouldn’t unexpectedly skyrocket. So, if you’re considering buying your first home or selling a home and upsizing and have a few worries, I get it. It’s a huge step that shouldn’t be taken lightly! If you need a guiding hand, comment “home” to grab my free Buyer Guide, it’s a compilation of all that I’ve learned along the way! . . . . #mynexthome #nextmove #thevalley #buyingandselling #moving #sfv #upsizer
jaytremaine Quick story time! Last week, I cleaned out an old email folder and found offers my clients had made back in 2012. It got me thinking about how much home values have increased. And also about what home prices will look like in the next 10 to 12 years. Now, I don't have a crystal ball, but if the next 12 years were anything like the last 12 years, home values would be extremely unaffordable. What do you guys think? How much will the average home cost in 2036? Please drop your price in the comments below. . . . . #thevalley #buyingandselling #moving #sfv #upsizer #zillowreview #newvalleyhome #porterranchrealestate #granadahillsrealestate #northillsrealestate
jaytremaine The market has spoken. What do I mean by that? I’m talking about when a home has been listed and is still sitting on the market after 30, 60 or 90 days. At this point, there is always a discussion with my client about what needs to be done to make sure we get the home in front of the right buyers. And it’s never a problem with the marketing. We take care of the marketing. Part of my Next Home Method is getting that home in front of as many people as possible and showing it at its best. Professional photography, video, 3D tours, you name it. It’s all been done. The issue almost always lies in the list price. And there are times a seller will be adamant that we list the home higher than my recommended price range. And you know what? That;s ok. I don’t know everything and nothing is a guarantee. BUT. Inevitably… When a home is priced above market value … which is what buyers at that time are willing to pay, the home will sit. And the longer a home sits, the more it’s perceived as something is wrong here. And again, inevitably, we will have to drop the price. In most cases, it ends up selling below the original price market value. AND it took a lot longer to sell. So, back to the opening line of this post. When it comes to pricing your home… there will come a point when the market has spoken. Any questions? Reach out, I’d love to chat more about this. . . . . #mynexthome #thevalley #sfv #porterranch #granadahills #northhills

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"I can’t say enough good things about Jay. He was so patient with us as we shifted what we were looking for and also where we were looking. Jay was super supportive and always had our best interests in mind. In the end, we got our dream home and are s
"Jay has been amazing to work with. He made our first time home-buying process smooth and easy. Jay made sure we understood every single step and legal document in order to make inform decisions. He also offered his advice based on trends in the marke
"Jay was wonderful throughout the entire home buying experience. This includes shopping while across the country DURING A PANDEMIC.Jay was knowledgable, insightful, tactical... and most of all. He listened to our needs and gave us the help we needed."
"Jay was a true delight to work with. He was a voice of steadiness and reason through our hectic search for a new home. We were moving across the country, and he did everything possible to accomodate. Between off-hour phone calls and patiently teac

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