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I didn't dream of becoming a realtor! From a young age, I was very competitive. I played about every sport imaginable. I dreamed of playing basketball, not selling houses.

During my senior year in college, I bombed a sales job interview. The job was for the school newspaper. A short time after college, I landed my first job. It was in sales, working for the Chicago Tribune. My small college newspaper didn't hire me, but one of the most read papers in the country did.

My journey into real estate started in the newspaper business. My clients were real estate agents. I got to know their different personalities. I learned this vital truth: who you work with matters.

The industry had my attention. I wanted the satisfaction of helping home buyers and home sellers reach their goals.

It wasn't a smooth transition for me by any means. Newspapers became a medium of the past! I knew at that point I wanted to become a realtor, so I took a class to get my license.

If you've ever been to the Midwest, you know winters can be brutal. Why would I want to sell real estate in such cold weather? The answer was... I didn't!

I moved to sunny California and started my journey fresh!

I worked a sales job while I got my license and started to learn the lay of the land. I fell in love with the landscape and architecture of Southern California.

I'd left everything back in Chicago, so at this point, everything was new and exciting. I landed in Hollywood and began sitting in open houses to meet potential buyers.

I didn't have a vast network at the time, but I've always enjoyed meeting new people.

A few years into my real estate career, I met my wife. We moved to the Valley to live with her two kids. My step-kids.

While Southern California has a laid-back vibe, it doesn't mean people aren't busy! I noticed my clients were all working professionals. All required a home that fits their lifestyle.

Buying and selling isn't a snap-of-the-fingers process. It takes time. What I began to see is that my clients didn't always have the time. I drew from my past experiences in sports and the newspaper business. So I created the My Next Home Method to help you create a game plan.

Like I mentioned earlier, I love meeting new people! If you think we would work well together, let's connect! It could be over a round of golf or a casual coffee. I'll work to make your experience remain positive. Your needs are my priority. The truth that I learned in my newspaper days is that who you work with matters, lives on.

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jaytremaine If you don't feel creative or there's something about your current home that doesn't fit your lifestyle ... watch this video. . A mistake I see sellers who also want to buy make is.. "They forget to prioritize the selling process.. Looking for and buying a home is the fun part. However, you'll want to plan out the entire process to avoid stress and frustration down the road. . My Next Home Method was created just for this. Type in "Next Home" to get a copy of my guide. . . . . . . #thevalley #buyingandselling #moving #sfv #upsizer #zillowreview #newvalleyhome #porterranchrealestate #granadahillsrealestate #northillsrealestate
jaytremaine Is buying on your mind? . Here’s my home-buying game plan, broken down by month. 🗓 . Save this post for later, and when you're ready, reach out to schedule a consult – I'm here to help! . . . . . . #thevalley #buyingandselling #moving #sfv #upsizer #zillowreview #newvalleyhome #porterranchrealestate #granadahillsrealestate #northillsrealestate
tyrussell_realty Love this!!!
jaytremaine What was your first job? My first job was at the age of 13! I was a caddie at a local country club. . I would wake up early every morning, meet a friend at the corner, and ride our bikes to the golf course. . It's why Caddyshack is my favorite movie. We would hang out all day, hoping to get picked for what we called a loop. . I still remember the first time I caddied for a full 18 holes. I was terrible! The golfer gave me a $5 tip and told the caddy master I needed more training. . I wanted to quit and never go back. I did not. I was given some more training and got better. . In fact, after a few years, I went from carrying one golfer’s bag to carrying two golfers’ bags. That meant double the money! . I’m glad I kept with it and didn’t quit. As I got older, there were days I'd make hundreds of dollars. Not a bad gig for a teenager in the ‘90s. . . . . . . #thevalley #buyingandselling #moving #sfv #upsizer #zillowreview #newvalleyhome #porterranchrealestate #granadahillsrealestate #northillsrealestate
jaytremaine A quote Tony Robbins uses frequently that rings in the back of my mind. "A healthy person has a thousand wishes. An unhealthy person has one wish." . I haven't shared this with many people, but I woke up one morning with some spots on my side last year. I thought it was poison ivy, but it turned out to be shingles. . You've probably seen the commercial "Shingles doesn't care." I can tell you firsthand that's a hundred percent true. . To say it sucked would be an understatement. It hurts, it's uncomfortable, it's gross. And the worst part is there's nothing I could do. I was that guy with one wish........to make my shingles disappear. . At the worst of it, I could barely sleep or move around. The only time I wasn't in pain was when I was in the shower. . After a few weeks, it started to become more manageable, and after about a month, I was back to normal. . I decided to share this because afterward, I did something that I think many people do: I told myself I would work on my health so this doesn't happen again. I did for a few weeks, then went right back to my normal unhealthy/healthy on occasion ways. . I realize it could be a lot worse. There are people out there probably wishing they had shingles compared to what health issues they're dealing with. . But if you are healthy and things are going well, keep it up. Remember that quote cause I can promise you it's one thousand percent true. . . . . . #mynexthome #nextmove #thevalley #buyingandselling #moving #sfv #upsizer #zillowreview #newvalleyhome #porterranchrealestate #granadahillsrealestate #northillsrealestate

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